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Transformation Kit Bracelet & Necklace & Anklet

Sale price€40,00 EUR
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Transformation Kit Bracelet & Necklace & Anklet


The majestic DELYSIA magnetic clasp allows you to combine up to 5 jewels to mix and match as a cuff on your wrist.

Wearing it as a cuff is a little tighter than as a bracelet.

It can also be used as a necklace with large chains for a very glamorous look.


The sublime DELYSIA medallion, more discreet, allows you to hang up to 2 rows of jewelery to wear as a bracelet or necklace.

The medallion also allows a slightly looser wrist circumference than the clasp.

Choker or necklace? Hang the jewels on each other until you obtain the length of the desired jewel.


Extension chain to hang on all jewelry if you need more length for transformation into a necklace and anklet.

Kit available in gold and silver to coordinate the color of your pieces with the frames of your jewelry.

The clasp and medallion are gilded with fine 24 carat gold or white bronze.

Mix & Match!

Also combine pearls and chains together for a more trendy touch.

The lengths of each jewel are studied to the best so that they can be associated with each other, but also to correspond to an average wrist circumference.

Depending on your wrist size, you will wear your bracelet more or less close to the body.

However, please note that the lengths may vary slightly from one piece of jewelery to another due to the size of the chain links and beads used.

Transformation Kit Bracelet & Necklace & Anklet
Transformation Kit Bracelet & Necklace & Anklet Sale price€40,00 EUR