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Passion for Youth: The Origin of DELYSIA

At the age of 14, Delphine began to sew her own bikinis by hand from unusual fabrics such as jeans. Already so young, her creativity, her desire to have unique pieces with a style that resembles her, pushed her to customize them. This is how the genesis of the DELYSIA brand was born. But it was at the beginning of the summer of 2020 that the founder decided to transform her passion into an entrepreneurial adventure.


Of Mediterranean origin, living in Aix en Provence, Delphine has always spent her summers in her family home by the sea, according to the art of beach living. For her, the swimsuit is the flagship fashion accessory of the summer, the symbol of a passionate life, which she loves to lead. It must be up to every woman.


DELYSIA is an ode to women… Starting with ELYSIA, her daughter, from whom the name of the brand was born, by communion of their two first names, as a symbol of the unconditional love they have for each other. Delphine wishes to give back to each woman, her confidence in herself and in her potential, to dare to be herself in all circumstances. Each woman is unique… And must feel it. This is why Delphine develops charismatic and unique fashion pieces through their personalization.